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With Virtual Business - Retailing Online, students start with a familiar grocery/convenience store. As they advance, they manage sporting goods and electronics retailers. Promotion options include traditional media and new options such as email campaigns. Students can fully design the retail layout of their stores. Grocery stores highlight perishables; sports stores highlight seasonality; electronics stores highlight personal selling. The "Mega-Mogul" project lets advanced students establish a retail empire of multiple stores in multiple product categories. Improved multiplayer mode lets students compete in class or from home, at your option.

In this trial lesson you will learn about the importance of adequately staffing your retail store. Please review the Student Pre-Reading before starting the assignment. Start Demo
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NEW Full Store Design
Students can freely control the placement of all product displays, design the number and placement of checkout counters, and even dynamically change their layout and watch how customers redirect through the store. They can also design their backroom storage to maximize employee access and allocate space to popular products.

NEW Not One Size Fits All
Older versions of Virtual Business - Retailing were "one size fits all" for students; now all students can master smaller, simpler businesses while advanced students can move on to even larger businesses and multiple business types. Simplified lessons, with on screen instructions, ensure all your students can succeed.

NEW Email Advertising Options
New advertising options include traditional media (newspaper and billboards) and new media such as email. Students can buy mailing lists and build inhouse lists, see how different offers affect click-through rates on their emails, and learn how to avoid spam reports by properly spacing emails.

Optional Multiplayer Feature Allow students to compete head-to-head for market share and profits. Students can design their stores, pick products, set prices and plan promotions to win customers from the competition. This is a great capstone for your class's Virtual Business experience.

Assessment, Scope and Sequence, Classroom Configuration, Help Docs and More.
All Virtual Business sims come with tools to help add flexibility and control when using the sims in your classroom. You can choose the lessons you would like to include and put them in the order you want. You can decide whether to include reading assignments, reading quizzes, and math quizzes. You can even decide when to open lessons to students, helping keep your whole class in sync. Or you can open all the lessons and allow your students to work at their own pace. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT TOOLS

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Ideal for teaching:
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Introduction to Business
Lessons Include:
  • Market Research
  • Product
  • Place
  • Pricing
  • Promotion - Traditional
  • Promotion - Email
  • Staffing, Selling & Customer Service
  • Purchasing & Inventory Control
  • Merchandising
  • Security & Risk Management
  • Financing & Business Planning
  • Retailing Mogul
  • Extra Credit: Turnaround
  • Extra Credit: Mega Retailing Mogul
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Math Connections
Virtual Business simulations and accompanying math problems help students apply key math concepts to business and everyday life. Concepts are taken from Common Core and leading state math standards. Concepts include numbers and quantity, algebra, geometry, functions, probability and statistics, and modeling. MORE

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