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Virtual Business – Entrepreneurship

Turn your classroom into a startup incubator with Virtual Business – Entrepreneurship. Visually immersive simulations will teach your students the fundamentals of building and growing an entrepreneurial business – market research, elevator pitch, business plan, raising money, and much, much more.

Three radically new projects.

VBE Features

VBE’s 20 Businesses Include

Smoothie Shop
Pizza Place
Plumbing Business
Electrical Business
Physical Therapy
Hair Salon
Auto Repair Shop

Online Gift Baskets
Trampoline Park
Bowling Alley
Fitness Center
Coffee Shop
Ice Cream Shop

T-Shirt Printing
Burrito Restaurant
Lawn Care Services
DJ Services
Batting Cage
Go Kart Track

Shark Project – Students sharpen their presentation skills as they pitch their business idea to classmates and seek investments. With their investment funds secured, the entrepreneurial sharks in the classroom will work to operate and grow their new businesses, including opening multiple locations.

Business Plan Project – Students design and write a business plan for their entrepreneurial idea. After the teacher awards a loan based on the business plan, the student begins to put that business plan into action by opening their business and striving to build a profitable, multi-location enterprise.

Mega-Mogul Project – Starting with one business and one location, students work to grow and expand their entrepreneurial empire to multiple businesses and multiple locations.

Lessons and Simulation Exercises Include

  • Spotting the Opportunity
  • Market Research
  • Making the Plunge
    • Name, Location & Form
  • Making the Plunge
    • Form of Business & Taxes
  • Creating a Business Plan – Basics
  • Creating a Business Plan – Financials
  • The Elevator Pitch
  • Raising Money & Financials
    • Savings and Bank Loans
  • Raising Money & Financials
    • Selling Shares
  • Building a Team
  • Acquiring Resources
  • Going to Market – Basics
  • Going to Market – Growth!
  • Operations & Feedback
    • Workflow
  • Operations & Feedback
    • Risk Management
  • Shark Project
  • Business Plan Project
  • Mega-Mogul Project

Sample Lesson/System Test

Student Testimonials

Irondequoit High School

Cayden compares her experiences at a professional sport event to what she learned through the Knowledge Matters Virtual Simulations. She enjoyed seeing how what she learned applied in the real world. Cayden also explains how she is motivated to take her career in a certain direction thanks to the simulations.

Hoover High School

Marley describes how she was able to apply what she learned through the Knowledge Matters simulations to her retail experience working at Forever 21. The Simulations excite her about learning business through fashion and retail since that is something she is passionate about.

Hoover High School

Nick from Hoover High School uses the real life skills he learns through the Knowledge Matters simulations in his job at a restaurant and shares how they can prepare him for a future in business.

Hillsboro Deering High School

Mason shares how the Knowledge Matters Simulations helped him realize what career path he could take and how he can incorporate his love for sports in his future.