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Virtual Business – Retailing is our bestselling sim of all-time. Teenagers love to shop, and this online simulation teaches students the business basics and exposes the secrets of retailing. Students learn the tough business decisions that impact their common shopping experiences – why stores are located where they are, how stores decide to price products, etc. This sim is ideal for teaching Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Intro to Business.

With Virtual Business – Retailing, students start with a familiar grocery/convenience store. As their retail knowledge deepens, students later manage sporting goods and electronics retailers. Students learn promotion/marketing strategies including traditional media and new options such as email campaigns. Students can fully design the retail layout of their stores. Grocery stores highlight perishables; sports stores highlight seasonality; electronics stores highlight personal selling. The “Mega-Mogul” project lets advanced students establish a retail empire of multiple stores in multiple product categories. Newly improved multiplayer mode lets students compete in class or from home, at your option.

Olivia DaschelTeacher, Tomahawk HS

Real teachers, real students, real classrooms

“Everything they practiced in the sim, they use to run the school store… Whether their future will be as an employee, a business owner, or a consumer, students will leave this class with a better understanding of how business really works.” Read more. Read More

Lessons Include

  • Market Research
  • Product
  • Place
  • Pricing
  • Promotion – Traditional
  • Promotion – Email
  • Staffing, Selling & Customer Service
  • Purchasing & Inventory Control
  • Merchandising
  • Security & Risk Management
  • Financing & Business Planning
  • Retailing Mogul
  • Extra Credit: Turnaround
  • Extra Credit: Mega Retailing Mogul

Sample Lesson/System Test

Student Testimonials

Irondequoit High School

Cayden compares her experiences at a professional sport event to what she learned through the Knowledge Matters Virtual Simulations. She enjoyed seeing how what she learned applied in the real world. Cayden also explains how she is motivated to take her career in a certain direction thanks to the simulations.

Hoover High School

Marley describes how she was able to apply what she learned through the Knowledge Matters simulations to her retail experience working at Forever 21. The Simulations excite her about learning business through fashion and retail since that is something she is passionate about.

Hoover High School

Nick from Hoover High School uses the real life skills he learns through the Knowledge Matters simulations in his job at a restaurant and shares how they can prepare him for a future in business.

Hillsboro Deering High School

Mason shares how the Knowledge Matters Simulations helped him realize what career path he could take and how he can incorporate his love for sports in his future.