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Virtual Business All-Access


Virtual Business All-Access empowers teachers to teach with all nine Virtual Business (VB) simulations for one inclusive price.


  • Unlimited access to all current nine Virtual Business simulations and automatic, free access to any new sims released during your license period.
  •  Premium support on all sims. Priority phone or email support with one business day response.
  • Sims can be used by multiple teachers and classes at one school. All simulations are site licenses allowing unlimited concurrent users for one site.
  •  Multiplayer mode functionality included at no additional charge (for all sims that offer multiplayer).

Virtual Business All-Access – Build Your Own Course

With Virtual Business All-Access, teachers can design their own custom Virtual Business course. Teachers can easily select from more than 90 individual VB lessons and combine them into one custom Virtual Business course.

Then and Now

Old Way of Combining Lessons from Multiple Sims Students have to enroll in multiple courses and sims. You assign students – open Virtual Business Retailing and do two lessons. Open Virtual Business Accounting and do three lessons, etc. Average and weight grades manually for each student. Not easy – at all.

Now – Easily Build Your Own Course Select the Virtual Business lessons for your class flow. Students log in and seamlessly move from one Virtual Business lesson to the next – selected from more than 90 possible lessons from every VB sim. One, easy integrated grading process just like any Virtual Business simulation.

Virtual Business All-Access Scholarship Challenge

The All-Access Virtual Business Scholarship Challenge has proven so popular, we just expanded the challenge to twice a year! The Spring challenge launches launches April 3rd, 2023.

Every student attending a high school using Virtual Business All-Access can compete for free in the now biannual Virtual Business All-Access Scholarship Challenge.

More than $5,000 in scholarships were awarded to last year’s winners. Students log in and compete against other students nationwide to run the most successful Virtual Business.

In last year’s Scholarship Challenge, more than 1,600 students from across the U.S. registered to compete in the competition, and students spent 2,876 hours combined working in the simulations – that’s the equivalent of 119 days, 24 hours a day!!

Virtual Business All-Access

Tiered pricing available for Virtual Business All-Access Licenses. Pricing is based on your school’s enrollment size.

Contact us directly for more information and a price quote.


  • Site licenses to all 9 sims
  • Premium support on all sims
  • FREE access to any new sims released
  • Multiplayer option on all applicable sims