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Join a Breakthrough: Knowledge Matters’ Launches Collaboration Simulations


Students Work Collaboratively Via Video Streaming To Run and Operate a Virtual Business

You and your students can participate in the breakthrough launch of Collaboration Simulations. REGISTER NOW for Collaboration Simulations’ BETA

Collaboration Learning

Your students can learn via live, collaboration with their classmates with the launch of the brand-new Collaboration Simulations.

How it works:

  • Students launch and run their own businesses within their web browser.
  • The business operation is fully visual. If students’ marketing decisions are faring poorly, they’ll see less customers in line to purchase. If students understaff their business, customers will write bad reviews (which the students see in the simulation).
  • Via live video, students see each other. They can brainstorm and discuss marketing and business decisions and what they can do to improve the performance of their business.
  • At any time, students can switch control of the virtual business in the simulation to another student, as they all take turns operating the business and making business decisions within the simulation.
  • This live, collaborative video discussion opens up new opportunities for learning as students weigh and debate the best strategy to drive a profitable business.

Collaboration Simulations is appropriate for intro to business, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship classes. At launch we have two Collaboration Simulation modules – Entreprenurship and Marketing. Collaboration Simulations can be used equally effectively for in-class, hybrid, or remote learning environments.

Participation in our Collaboration Simulations BETA is completely free. Click here to join the BETA for spring/summer 2021, and we’ll be in touch to get you and your students set up for this brand-new collaboration curriculum project for teaching business at the college level.