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Home Books High School Business and Marketing Students Will Be Reading in 2020

Books High School Business and Marketing Students Will Be Reading in 2020

If you’re a high school business, marketing, or personal finance teacher, and you’re looking for business books to discuss in class or offer to your students as extra credit reading assignments, we’ve collected a list of nine highly recommended business and personal finance books.

The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity by Amy Webb

A call-to-arms about the broken nature of artificial intelligence, and the powerful corporations that are turning the human-machine relationship on its head.

In this book, Amy Webb reveals the pervasive, invisible ways in which the foundations of AI–the people working on the system, their motivations, the technology itself–is broken. Within our lifetimes, AI will, by design, begin to behave unpredictably, thinking and acting in ways which defy human logic. The big nine corporations may be inadvertently building and enabling vast arrays of intelligent systems that don’t share our motivations, desires, or hopes for the future of humanity.

The One Thing -The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller

This #1 Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and USA Today business book offers a simple, but powerful, system for achieving great results at the office. Written by Gary Keller, chairman of the board and cofounder of Keller Williams Realty, Inc., which holds the #1 position as the largest real estate company in the world, The One Thing distills Keller’s approach to building and managing one of the largest real estate companies in the world.

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber by Mike Isaac

In this New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book, a New York Times technology correspondent presents the dramatic story of Uber, the Silicon Valley startup at the center of one of the great venture capital power struggles of our time.

The 30-Day Money Cleanse: Take Control of Your Finances, Manage Your Spending, and De-Stress Your Money for Good by Ashley Feinstein Gerstley

Your students who are interested in personal finance and financial literacy will be interested in the 30-Day Money Cleanse.

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley was working in financial services when she came to the shocking realization that even she was stressed about her personal finances. she created a system to turn the entire practice on its head! Through her system, this book guides you through a 30 day program to eliminate money stressors, know where your money is going, break bad money habits, and lots more.

The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You by Julie Zhuo

In some companies, especially fast-paced startups, employees can suddenly find themselves managing a team with little formal training on managing people.

Zhuo became a rookie manager at the age of 25, and now she’s written a book to teach the key info every manager needs to know.

Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries by Safi Bahcall

This book was the #1 most recommended business book of the year according to Bloomberg.

What do James Bond and Lipitor have in common? What can we learn about human nature and world history from a glass of water? In Loonshots, physicist and entrepreneur Safi Bahcall reveals a surprising new way of thinking about the mysteries of group behavior that challenges everything we thought we knew about nurturing radical breakthroughs.

Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport

One of the key skills for success in the future will be the ability to focus amidst the numerous technology/digital distractions.

Drawing on a diverse array of real-life examples, from Amish farmers to harried parents to Silicon Valley programmers, Newport identifies the common practices of digital minimalists and the ideas that underpin them. He shows how digital minimalists are rethinking their relationship to social media, rediscovering the pleasures of the offline world, and reconnecting with their inner selves through regular periods of solitude.

Company of One: Why Staying Small Is the Next Big Thing for Business by Paul Jarvis

Most business and popular media focus on the companies that started small and became gigantic. What about those people who decide that they want to build a deliberately small company?

Company of One, explains how companies can stay deliberately small – including how to set up your shop, determine your desired revenues, and keep your clients happy.

The Man Who Solved the Market: How Jim Simons Launched the Quant Revolution by Gregory Zuckerman

Your students who are interested in the stock market, and especially the math behind the market, will enjoy this narrative nonfiction book about Jim Simons.

Jim Simons is the greatest money maker in modern financial history. No other investor–Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Ray Dalio, Steve Cohen, or George Soros–can touch his record. Simons is worth $23 billion dollars.

Drawing on unprecedented access to Simons and dozens of current and former employees, Zuckerman, a veteran Wall Street Journal investigative reporter, tells the gripping story of how a world-class mathematician and former code breaker mastered the market. Simons pioneered a data-driven, algorithmic approach that’s sweeping the world.

Books High School Business and Marketing Students Will Be Reading in 2020