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Home FBLA-PBL Virtual Business Challenge Hints – 2017-2018

FBLA-PBL Virtual Business Challenge Hints – 2017-2018

Here are hints for the Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc. (FBLA-PBL) Virtual Business Challenge.

VBC Management

When hiring employees, keep in mind that the best job candidates will be ones with no typos in their resumes and the ones who have good references.

Be sure to continuously monitor the productivity and efficiency levels of your employees through the Supervise Employees screen. You are able to see the target time each task should take as well as the actual time it is taking for the employees to complete the task.

Workers have to be able to move around the floor freely in order to work efficiently. Placing work processes and piles of goods too close together or blocking the entrance to the production floor can create bottlenecks.

The Blocked Workers tool is very helpful in determining if there are any bottlenecks on your production floor (and your raw materials and office floors as well).

When you open the competition file, the production floor for your business has one spot allocated to each of the processes, raw materials items, work-in-process items as well as the finished goods. The current layout of these piles will not allow workers to reach maximum efficiency. Use the Process Diagram found under the Reports menu within the simulation to assist you with organizing your production floor layout.

Within the office view, only one spot is allocated to each of the office job positions. Consider adding additional office workers so that you don’t slow down production.

For each of the work stations that are present when you open the file, a worker has already been hired. The worker that was hired isn’t necessarily a productive or efficient worker.

VBC Personal Finance

When you open the competition file, your person lives in an apartment and has $5,000. You don’t have any banking or credit card accounts. Your goal is to increase your person’s net worth as much as possible while managing his life for two simulated years.

Use the name “John” when you apply for a job.

If you apply for a job or decide to take a class, you will have to choose your mode of transportation to get to work or class. You will have to walk or take the bus. Buying or leasing a car within the competition file is not possible. Consult your schedule to see how long your commute will take.

Some jobs require work experience and/or education. Check your resume which is found under the Reports menu. You are starting off with some work experience and education history. If you don’t wish to apply for the jobs you are qualified for, you are always free to take additional courses in order to become qualified.

Your apartment is not furnished. If you shop for certain goods, you may be able to decrease the time you have to spend on certain activities in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t forget to pay your bills and taxes! Your bills will appear on your desk in your person’s apartment. You will be able to access your tax information on January 1.

Don’t forget to set up your daily schedule. Review the Tutorial if you need help doing this. In order to keep your person alive, you must allocate enough time to sleeping, eating, relaxing and exercising. You must find a way to include these activities within your schedule in addition to working and taking classes (if you choose to enroll in courses/degree programs).