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DECA Virtual Business Challenge – Fashion Hints

When setting up your store floor, don’t forget to add a changing room(s) and a checkout counter(s). To do so, click on an empty tile on the store floor, and a menu will appear.

A worker with a red exclamation mark over their head means they are blocked and cannot move from the square they are on. They may not look blocked but they are, so you should move things around until the exclamation mark disappears.

When choosing your store’s location, keep in mind that ground floors normally have higher traffic.

As you are researching store locations, pay attention to the “anchor” store that is in each wing of the mall. An anchor store that is more geared towards fashion will drive more customers to other stores in that wing.

Spotting hot trends early is key to the success of any fashion business. In this sim you can start to see these about six months (virtual time) prior to the start of a season. Use the Instatrend: Runway report to help you spot the most popular trends. The number of likes is an indication of how your potential customers are responding to the trend.

Use the Instatrend: Street report closer to when the season is going to begin. These posts can give you an even more accurate read on what’s popular.

The Instatrend: Street report has ongoing value during the season. The report will introduce late breaking “viral” trends that can be very lucrative.

To help ensure supply while managing cash, you can place orders ahead of time for mid-season.

It is not necessary for an item to match every trend in order to sell well.

The Sales & Inventory report will help you determine your worst selling item(s). These items are good candidates for markdowns.

When merchandising, keep in mind that some garments are considered impulse purchases, and some that are considered needs or planned purchases.

If you click on a customer, a window will appear with information regarding what the customer considers an impulse item, and what they consider a needs item. The window will also display what the customer is considering buying.

Utilize the Comments & Messages report to help organize your staffing and selling strategies. If you are receiving negative feedback from customers, the solution may not always be to add more staff. The “Priorities” tab on the Sales Associates screen can also help you resolve some issues.

Use the Trend Report to help you choose items to post on Instatrend. Posting items people don’t like will not help increase your profit.

Posting too much or posting the same garment over and over, can annoy customers and drive them away.