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Home Student Testimonials – Marley – Hoover High School

Student Testimonials – Marley – Hoover High School

A Student Learns Business because of her Passion for the Fashion Industry

Marley describes how she was able to apply what she learned through the Knowledge Matters simulations to her retail experience working at Forever 21. The Simulations excite her about learning business through fashion and retail since that is something she is passionate about.

” My junior year, last year, I did one of the challenges and I won first place. I think it was in my state and I was able to because it was and I love fashion. I worked in retail for Forever 21 and I was able to see how business worked and like, it actually was true. Like what I learned in the sim actually applied to what was going on with the world and I’m like, “Oh my goodness.” I didn’t expect to be that on point because different trends and styles and the types of colors and everything playing a part with the different seasons and it was really interesting. Personally I actually like playing the real game, The Sims, so like having that and then actually applying what I’m learning in class. It’s like playing the actual Sims so I get to add what I know and am learning from class into the game. It’s actually pretty fun and it’s helped me understand how businesses work. “