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Top Podcasts For Teaching Business, Marketing, and Financial Literacy

As you continue remote teaching and prepare for a possible return to the classroom in the fall, assigning students to listen to business and entrepreneurship podcasts can be one tool in your teaching toolkit.

Podcasts can be used to supplement your curriculum, keep students engaged in thinking and learning about business and marketing, and facilitate discussions about marketing and business concepts and theories.

Here are several top business and entrepreneurial podcasts to supplement your remote teaching:  

The Pitch – Gimlet Media’s answer to the Shark Tank. A popular podcast that features an entrepreneur pitching to top venture capitalists (VCs) in each episode. Listeners learn a ton about business and venture capital as the VCs push and prod and ask tough questions of entrepreneurs as the VCs search for their next 10X company.

How I Built This – NPR’s popular podcast tells the story of entrepreneurs and business successes in extended interviews with founders. Listeners learn the humble beginnings of many iconic business and cultural brands from their founders. Companies featured, include: Crate & Barrel, Panera Bread, Southwest Airlines, Wikipedia, and many more. 

Mixergy Startup Stories – Mixergy, a long-running business/entrepreneurship podcast, interviews numerous entrepreneurs and start-up founders with in-depth interviews about a company’s founding, early days, growth, and success metrics. business, 

Sweaty Startup – While a ton of entrepreneurship media and news coverage focuses on digital, high-tech companies, the Sweaty Startup podcast focuses on those “boring” companies that make money but not headlines – businesses like pest control, property management, power washing, lawn care, etc. 

Recode – Noted tech journalist Kara Swisher discusses the big business trends concerning top technology/digital companies – Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Her guests included top CEOs, business consultants, economists, futurists, professors, and business thinkers.

Top Podcasts For Teaching Business, Marketing, and Financial Literacy