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FINAL RANKINGS BELOW (Combined Scores of Round 1 and 2) IMPORTANT Note: The Top 3 Teams For Each Simulation Track Are Not In Winning Order! The final three winners will be announced by DECA live on May 6th at the ICDC Awards Ceremony!

  1. the vegan teacher
  2. banh mi
  3. bicep bills
  4. aditya
  5. silver falcons
  6. ad victoriam
  7. runzhe
  8. ryder and aidan
  9. 😐
  10. new team
  11. hanna with no h
  12. ru
  13. will 2.0
  14. gibby
  15. rar
  16. ozark deca

  1. iarmy
  2. triplea batteries
  3. flight in june
  4. apes together strong
  5. tea
  6. team slime
  7. kool kates
  8. maddy and emma
  9. free tory
  10. the better g.o.a.t.
  11. ghc n3 melina s.
  12. double k
  13. pay your deca dues
  14. aye
  15. academiapparel
  16. the plastics

  1. kitchennightmare
  2. mac & cheese
  3. kowwinc
  4. we bare bears
  5. synthetic dragons
  6. ady
  7. g2
  8. rogo
  9. mcronald’s
  10. snail soup
  11. luminate
  12. here we come
  13. deca dudes
  14. team coffee
  15. team ac
  16. mb

  1. face to face
  2. soupy
  3. i am a stegosaurus
  4. bigviolinsmallcello
  5. equity amortization
  6. asian broadcasting company
  7. solo squad
  8. coopy billy
  9. gfc
  10. spritetacos2
  11. booper
  12. hotel tripago
  13. aman
  14. dolphins
  15. ebitda over egirls

  1. the scotts
  2. gamer chairs
  3. free parking
  4. grass fed cows
  5. the fumblers
  6. the giraffes
  7. emory and ethan
  8. amruddin lewis karikalan
  9. pogsheep
  10. quackers
  11. sweet smart skinny
  12. bill o’brian’s prospects
  13. dopy gang
  14. outliers
  15. theopppack
  16. lemondrop

  1. ghc n1-grant
  2. nolimitalo
  3. veni vidi vici
  4. pg-13
  5. cash money
  6. dusace
  7. adaptable sink
  8. team team team
  9. robinhood
  10. loading…
  11. boy bank
  12. team sar
  13. wifi routers 2.0
  14. kindergarden bagel
  15. guys afternoon in
  16. a.j.

  1. lil jokers
  2. audrey
  3. asdf
  4. ara ara
  5. polar penguins
  6. manan patel
  7. deckfelder
  8. owen quick
  9. banger bois
  10. elephants2021
  11. ca$h money
  12. champions
  13. lane train 3.0
  14. king arthur
  15. bige
  16. (a)migos
  17. ~~**landon

Final Rankings from Round 3 of the competition

  1. synthetic dragons
  2. sasvathr
  3. tran
  4. Emilyyy
  5. shan
  6. thong and kayli
  7. cox mill accounting
  8. team dynamic duo

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First & Second Challenge: (Top two teams from each region)
· Recognition under the DECA area at

DECA’s International Career Development Conference
National Champions – 1st Place
· $1,000/team ($6,000 for Hotel*)
· Recognition at the Grand Awards Ceremony at the ICDC
· Plaque
· Recognition under the DECA area at

2nd Place
· $500/team ($3,000 for Hotel*)
· Recognition at the Grand Awards Ceremony at the ICDC
· Plaque

3rd Place
· $250/team ($1,500 for Hotel, 4th Place $900 for Hotel*)
· Recognition at the Grand Awards Ceremony at the ICDC
· Plaque

* Awards for Hotel made possible by J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation

Dates & Details

DECA high school members will be able to participate in all eight tracks of this event (VBC Entrepreneurship, VBC Fashion, VBC Accounting, DECA Hotel Challenge, VBC Personal Finance, VBC Restaurant, VBC Retailing and VBC Sports). This is the first year that Virtual Business – Entrepreneurship will be included in the DECA Virtual Business Challenge! Each track encourages DECA members to test their skills within its particular Virtual Business environment – individually or as a team of up to 3 members. Team registration begins on Tuesday, October 6, 2020.

There are two qualifying rounds for each track of the event. All eight tracks will utilize online competition versions of our simulations for the first and second qualifying rounds. The online competition sims feature almost 100% of the functionality of the classroom simulation. Students who are currently using, or who have previously used one of our online simulations (Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Accounting, Hotel, Restaurant, Personal Finance, Retailing, Management or Sports and Entertainment) may use their existing accounts to participate. Students who have not used our online simulations will be given the opportunity to create a new account free of charge.

Team registration for this event will begin on Tuesday, October 6, 2020. There will be two rounds (Challenges) held via the Internet during the school year. The first challenge is October 20, 2020, 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time – October 30, 2022, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time and the second challenge is January 19, 2021, 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time – January 29, 2021, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

For all eight tracks of the VBC, DECA will send certificates of recognition for the winners of each state to the appropriate state advisor so that winners may be recognized at the state level during individual state meetings.

At the conclusion of the second round of the VBC for each of the eight tracks, the teams that qualified to compete in the live event at DECA’s International Career Development Conference will be listed on the VBC rankings pages. These teams must have their DECA advisor confirm their attendance and participation in this event by emailing, or by calling (413) 587-9917. Prior to confirming a team, the DECA advisor must notify and gain approval from their state advisor for the team to participate in the VBC event at the ICDC. To ensure a 16-team field for all tracks for ICDC, advisors must confirm their teams on or before March 8, 2021.

Competition sessions at DECA’s International Career Development Conference will be held LIVE in the exhibit hall. Unlike the qualifying rounds, competition sessions held at ICDC will be timed events. Scholarships will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners at ICDC.


ELIGIBILITY: High school members of DECA chapters are eligible to participate. All participants must have current dues on file at DECA prior to the submission of any VBC files to Knowledge Matters. A DECA chapter may have as many teams as it can support according to the team membership rules. All membership questions will be handled by DECA.

TEAM MEMBERSHIP: Teams must consist of one to three DECA members. All rankings and awards are based on the team and not the individual. A team member cannot be on more than one team per event at a time. No additional team members may be added once a team has registered. If a team member drops off a team or a team is to be dissolved, an e-mail from the team’s DECA advisor acknowledging the removal must be sent to stating the team name and the team member(s) to be removed. An acknowledgment from Knowledge Matters confirming the team member update will be sent back to the DECA advisor. If this acknowledgment is not received, it will be the responsibility of the team to resubmit the request via the advisor of the team. Once the acknowledgment is received, the individual is free to register a new team. All maintenance and compliance monitoring of the teams will be the responsibility of the team’s DECA Advisor. Team names must generally adhere to DECA’s code of ethics. Team names deemed inappropriate according to National DECA will be renamed with the name of their local chapter without notice. National DECA will have the ultimate authority to resolve team membership & name disputes.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Participants agree to compete by the Rules of Competition listed on this page. Participants further agree that all work submitted is work done by the participant or the participant’s registered teammates. Participants understand that any attempt to hack or cheat the simulation is grounds for removal from the competition and possible further actions. Participants agree to refer any questions on what may constitute a cheat to Knowledge Matters for a decision. Inquiries must be submitted through the Knowledge Matters’ support system, and must contain “Official Ruling Requested” within the title of the inquiry.

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that a former competitor may be offering assistance to teams via social media. As a reminder, it is against the rules of this event to accept or pay for assistance from anyone not a member of your team, including former Virtual Business Challenge competitors.

All participants agree to be bound by the following Honor Code: I pledge that all work submitted is that of me or my teammates, solely. I have received no outside help with the challenge. I pledge not to hack or cheat in any way and agree to report others that I am aware of who hack or cheat.

Additionally, because the VBCs are interstate competitions for prize money, participants who hack or cheat may be subject to penalties under federal, state or local cybercrime or anti-hacking laws.

DRESS CODE: If students qualify and decide to compete at the ICDC, they must wear DECA blazers during competition.

QUALIFIER RULES:A maximum of one team, per chapter, per round of competition is eligible to qualify for the ICDC. Teams that qualify for DECA’s International Career Development Conference (ICDC) during round one may participate, but will not be ranked in round two.

SCORES: A team’s actual numeric score will not be posted on the rankings page. Bars symbolizing a team’s score will be posted instead. Numeric amounts will not be released during the Challenge rounds. In the event of a tie, the team with the earliest file submission will rank higher, so it is important to get your files ranked early in the Challenge.

For the Accounting mini-challenges, in the event of tied total scores at the end of any mini-challenge, the team with the higher the rank in the most recent mini-challenge will be considered ahead of the other tied team(s).

ICDC LIVE EVENT: For VB Personal Finance only, the qualifying teams will be allowed to use the Texas Instruments® TI-30Xa Scientific Calculator during the competition sessions at ICDC. Knowledge Matters will provide a calculator for each team to use. Teams must use the provided calculator.


Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Restaurant, Hotel, Sports, Personal Finance, Retailing, and Accounting
Due to the high volume of teams participating in the VBC, all questions regarding the VBC should be submitted via email. Please fill out this form and submit it to Knowledge Matters, Inc. Emails will be answered in the order in which they are received during Knowledge Matters, Inc. business hours which are Mon-Fri from 8:30AM-5:00PM Eastern Time.

Support Form


Each team and its members are responsible for having read all the guidelines. National DECA and Knowledge Matters, Inc. are not responsible for an entry that is late, lost, misdirected, or not received. Only entries that are received by Knowledge Matters, Inc. will be eligible for scoring and ranking. All technical issues should be directed to our support team as soon as possible for resolution. Because of the wide variation in computer systems, Knowledge Matters, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the performance of its software on participants’ computers. It is the team members’ responsibility to check this page for late breaking news or updates.


Technical Support Questions

Support Form

Chapter Participation Questions

DECA Education Department

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