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2023 DECA/Knowledge Matters Digital Skills Challenge
Student Presentations

Each year students in the DECA chapters across the nation have the opportunity to take part in the DECA/Knowledge Matters Digital Presentation Skills Challenge. Students create a 1-2 minute digital presentation utilizing a Knowledge Matters Virtual Business simulation. The main topic is solely up the student. They can present on strategies they use in the simulation, discuss real-world business stories and illustrate the stories with sim exercises, or even present on their own lives and how they relate to the simulations.

Eight finalists move forward and get to share a longer presentation to a panel of judges and then the top three winners are recognized and awarded case prizes at DECA’s biggest event, the International Career Development Conference (ICDC). The eight 2023 finalists are featured below.

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Emma Miller

1st Place Winner

Sauk Rapids-Rice High School
Advisor: Josh Bauer

I’ve connected the key aspects of Virtual Business learning to my experiences in planning, setting up, managing, operating, and marketing our school store.

Reid Wygal

2nd Place Winner

West Irondequoit High School
Advisor: Louis DiCesare

I had zero experience before using Virtual Business simulations and I’ve learned a lot about marketing in a short period of time.

Aadarsh Gupta

3rd Place Winner

Hickory Ridge High School
Advisor: Hanna Lightsey

Virtual Business Simulations provide a place to not just learn about finance, but to immerse yourself in it.

Uma Sthanu


Westwood High School
Advisor: Jeffery Siler

What Virtual Business simulations have done for me is… connect my business learnings to a practical setting.

Nikhil Kotta


Lebanon Trail High School
Advisor: Dr. Lamesa WIlliams

Pick up years of business knowledge in just a few weeks. Virtual Business provides an opportunity to gain experience in the business world.

Jayce Wilson


Rirverbend High School
Advisor: Duke Gardner

Gain real world experience without the real world risk. Knowledge Matters simulations are very easy to learn and understand and you can gain a ton of knowledge.

Isabella Falcone


West Irondequoit High School
Advisor: Louis DiCesare

In the Knowledge Matters promotion with social media lesson, we can see how someone would design an ad or design a post and make sure to include the most important elements.

Aarushi Garg


Panther Creek High School
Advisor: Michelle Le

Knowledge Matters has no bounds! It has helped me immensely. It can empower students and can open new doors of life for underprivilaged societies.

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Student Testimonials

Irondequoit High School

Cayden compares her experiences at a professional sport event to what she learned through the Knowledge Matters Virtual Simulations. She enjoyed seeing how what she learned applied in the real world. Cayden also explains how she is motivated to take her career in a certain direction thanks to the simulations.

Hoover High School

Marley describes how she was able to apply what she learned through the Knowledge Matters simulations to her retail experience working at Forever 21. The Simulations excite her about learning business through fashion and retail since that is something she is passionate about.

Hoover High School

Nick from Hoover High School uses the real life skills he learns through the Knowledge Matters simulations in his job at a restaurant and shares how they can prepare him for a future in business.

Hillsboro Deering High School

Mason shares how the Knowledge Matters Simulations helped him realize what career path he could take and how he can incorporate his love for sports in his future.